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Grow Your Online Business

We are Super Happy to launch our new Points System here on

In short, we believe that the points system will significantly impact the growth of and reach more people worldwide, and at the same time, help a lot of people in the long term.

How do you benefit from the points system?

We (itsinhala) are trying hard to provide the best services in the Digital Marketing & Online business field regarding education, applications, and tools. And Supertoolwriter is one of our projects that aims mainly to provide Free Digital marketing tools for anyone working online. 

This Year, Supertoolwriter, The Founder of, announced that we will have new big Projects for 2022 and beyond. you can learn more about this and how to join here:

Coming to our point system, simply, this system will help us in these big projects. For example, we may use the points system to grow our SEO Tools website. 

We didn’t decide yet what and how exactly we will integrate the points, but we believe that this system will have a significant impact in the long term.

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming projects:

But what we are planning to do is one of the following scenarios:

  1. Exchange Points With Direct Cash.
  2. Exchange Points With Coupons To Buy Products Online.
  3. Or maybe it helps in providing free education worldwide.

So anyway, you will benefit directly from these points when we launch our new projects. 

How To Earn Points?

The Good news is you don’t need to do anything special to earn points. When you log in to your account, you will see how many points you have in the upper left sidebar of the screen.

Point Earnings System

And whenever you use any of the tools on the website, you will earn more points.

It is that simple!

Also, you can earn extra points when you refer to your friend. How?

Go to your profile settings page, and you will find your referral link, copy it, and share it with your friends! That’s all.

Anti-Fraud Policy

Our Anti-Fraud policy is direct and concise. All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. If our manual review team or our AI automatically detects any fake referrals or fake behavior, your account will be terminated indefinitely, and you will be permanently banned from the website (you will lose all your points)

Examples of fake referrals

If you read this and you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to submit your questions on our forum here. We will be more than happy to help 🙂

Please share with your friends… let’s help each other ❤️